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Runescape Mini Game

There are a few mini-games and mini-quests prepared for players in Runescape. Mini-games are usually times played with friends or other players in the game. There are many kinds of mini-games available to players of RS, including fishing on a trawler boat, playing games with some gnomes and racing on a battlefield. These mini-games are meant to give players a break from training skills and have special fun in the game. Here we prepare varies of mini-game packages for our players. If you have something more important to do, we can help you complete your desired mini-games or mini-quests.

Packages Type

RS Quest&mini quest: We can help you to finish some missions which you can not completed it easily.You can get it by the really low price.

Barbarian Assault Barrows Beacon Network Brimhaven Agility Arena Champion's Challenge
Castle Wars Chompy Hunting Fist of Guthix Great Orb Project Hunt for Surok
Mage Arena Mage Training Mobilising Armies Scabaras Research Shadow Sword
Stealing Creation Stronghold of Security Treasure Trails dragon defenders rune defender
Tzhaar Fight Cave Pest Control Ghost Robes Soul Wars