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Wow Gold Making-IGSMX  November 21 2016

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In relation to Mining and gold creating, the trend is the fact that ores from preceding expansions are an incredible supply of gold, in a variety of circumstances even greater than current Legion ores.

From my own experience, I have had superb results farming Saronite OreSaronite Ore in Scholazar Basin due to the fact Cataclysm. You don't even need to be max level. Whereas farming Saronite, you can expect to also stumble upon Titanium OreTitanium Ore from Titanium veins that spawn randomly in Scholazar Basin, Icecrown and the Storm Peaks. That adds even more value for your farming. The nice factor about veins is that they may also drop Wrath primals, for example a Saronite Deposit has a 50% possibility to drop 1-2 Crystallized EarthCrystallized Earth or 1-2 Crystallized ShadowCrystallized Shadow. Titanium Veins may also drop Crystallized FireCrystallized Fire and Crystallized WaterCrystallized Water, so in the long run, you will have access to all Wrath primals.

Here's a breakdown of Wrath ores to farm

Cobalt OreCobalt Ore
Highest quality location is Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord
Saronite OreSaronite Ore
Farm in Scholazar Basin, Icecrown or Storm Peaks, but I choose Scholazar as pointed out above.
Titanium OreTitanium Ore
Spawns in Scholazar Basin, Icecrown and Storm Peaks
Determining the Value

The key query: "Is it better to sell ores or bars?"

Will depend on your realm's rates. In quite a few instances, promoting bars is a lot more profitable, but not at all times. Use the Undermine Journal to figure out this.

I am going to become utilizing prices from my realm (Illidan-US).

Cobalt OreCobalt Ore (24.25 Gold) vs Cobalt BarCobalt Bar (18.78 Gold) > sell ores.
Saronite OreSaronite Ore (33.2 Gold) vs Saronite BarSaronite Bar (43.two Gold - requires 2 ores) > sell ores.
Titanium OreTitanium Ore (249.75 Gold) vs Titanium BarTitanium Bar (375 Gold - requires 2 ores) > sell ores.
We also need to have to take costs of primals into consideration to discover, if we get far more gold by selling them as is or use them for Titansteel BarTitansteel Bar (1362.53 Gold).

Eternal EarthEternal Earth (6.64 Gold)
Eternal FireEternal Fire (62.80 Gold)
Eternal WaterEternal Water (17.95 Gold)
Eternal ShadowEternal Shadow (15.43 Gold)
Here are the things we need for Smelt TitansteelSmelt Titansteel. At the moment, it's far better to sell raw Titanium OreTitanium Ore as we need six of them (1498.50 Gold) plus 84.87 Gold for the three primals. So the total crafting expense will be 1,583.37 Gold, but the sell value of Titansteel BarTitansteel Bar is only 1362.53 Gold so in my case it could be a loss of 220.84 Gold.

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