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Timewalking of WOW  January 09 2017

WOW news of Patch 7.1.5, you will get to join the denizens of Azeroth in a new journey back in time to the days with the lifting from the mists-Timewalking is coming towards the islands of Pandaria.

For players at level 91 and higher, this implies a brand new Bonus Event each and every handful of weeks that operates quite much like other Timewalking Bonus Events to Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm.

A Return to Pandaria

Any time you queue up for this new round of Timewalking, you will find yourself heading into:

Temple with the Jade Serpent

Increasing high above the east coast of Pandaria, the Temple of your Jade Serpent stands as a sacred monument for the legendary pandaren emperor Shaohao's victory over the Sha of Doubt a large number of years ago. Lately, a disastrous conflict within the Jade Forest unleashed the sha, and a few in the entities have raided the temple's most treasured stores of wisdom and information.

Stormstout Brewery

When Chen Stormstout arrived inside the Valley in the Four Winds, he journeyed towards the renowned brewery of his namesake, hoping to connect with his relatives. What he found was his ancestral home in disarray. Below the watch from the incompetent Uncle Gao, loathsome virmen and unruly hozen have infiltrated the brewery, sparking a destructive revel that should soon devastate the region's provide of tasty brews.

Shado-Pan Monastery

War has spread across Pandaria, and the destructive conflict amongst the Horde and Alliance has led to turmoil in the majestic Shado-Pan Monastery. There, three malevolent entities--the Sha of Violence, the Sha of Hatred, and also the Sha of Anger--have erupted from their prisons. Even though the Sha of Anger fled the secluded monastery totally, the remaining sha have begun wreaking havoc on the site's brave Shado-Pan defenders.

Mogu’shan Palace

The ancient Mogu'shan Palace is definitely the last correct bastion of mogu strength on mainland Pandaria. Three of their superb clans not too long ago gathered at this gorgeous place to meet with their king, Xin the Weaponmaster. This mighty ruler has formulated a bold plan to unite his scattered people today and reclaim the glory of their fallen empire. With turmoil gripping Pandaria, Xin's lofty dream of conquest could develop into reality.

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Niuzao Temple extends across two fortified islands far beyond a towering wall known as the Serpent's Spine. For many years, tenacious pandaren defenders have protected the narrow bridges connecting the isles, staving off any would-be invaders. However lately, the mantid designed their own bridge--a enormous tree root--and seized 1 in the islands by surprise. Now, these brutal insectoids are poised to assault Niuzao's remaining guardians.

Gate with the Setting Sun

For generations, a huge wall called the Serpent's Spine has protected the denizens of Pandaria from periodic assaults by the rampaging, insect-like mantid. This brutal race's cycle of aggression not too long ago began earlier than expected, catching the wall's defenders off guard. Because the mightiest mantid warriors charge the battle-worn gates, Pandaria must hold back probably the most devastating army in the land's recorded history.

Timeless Rewards

There’s a new Timewalking Vendor on the Timeless Isle. Mistweaver Xia is waiting to take your challenging earned Timewarped Badges in exchange for all sorts of wondrous rewards:

Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent (Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade mount)
2 new pets-Infinite Hatchling (dragonkin) and Paradox Spirit (aquatic)
Reputation Tokens for all significant Pandaria factions and friendship things
2 new Toys-Adopted Puppy Crate and Portable Yak Wash
Chilled Satchel of Vegetables, to assist chefs who've missed out on Pandaren cuisine
Updated gear selections from Pandaria factions
That’s right-- this may be the very first Timewalking Bonus Event to involve pets as rewards. Each on the new pets have a new capability for pet battles: Temporal Anomaly, which significantly reduces the speed in the enemy group.

You will not would like to miss this opportunity to earn beneficial reputation with Pandaria factions whereas difficult dungeons. Just about every Mists of Pandaria faction holds handsome rewards for players who maximize reputation with them. One example is, you will be capable of receive Commendations for Emperor Shaohao from Mistweaver Xia, which could result in a Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent (mount) or Celestial Defender’s Medallion (toy) for you. For those who haven’t but maximized your rep with Golden Lotus, there are Riding Crane mounts inside your future!

You have Got Scaled

As with other Timewalking Bonus events, while you queue up for Pandaria dungeons, your energy and defenses might be scaled down to acceptable levels for all those dungeons on Heroic difficulty. When you defeat bosses in Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, you will acquire loot that scales together with your level, as much as item level 830-perfect for characters who're gearing up in Legion dungeons.

Encounters that include Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery or Taran Zhu in Shado-Pan Monastery will after again place you as well as your celebration towards the test.

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