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Originally wow advices  November 29 2016

This post about wow views , u have any more good advices ,please to visit IGSMX.COM , Our players are ingenious and adept at coming up with clever solutions for the challenges posed by our raid encounters. Even though we have discovered from past encounter to an extent (Rule #14 of encounter design and style: If it is potential to kite adds instead of killing them, someone will kite them as opposed to killing them), we are still unable to continually anticipate the lengths to which our players will visit overcome a difficult encounter.

There’s nothing at all inherently incorrect with that, and oftentimes among the list of hallmarks of a terrific encounter is the fact that it really is open to a number of approaches, according to the strengths and weaknesses of a person raid group. I can believe of three distinct approaches that we saw to handle the Molten Elementals summoned by Heroic Ragnaros, for instance, and I’m positive you'll find way more out there.

One example is, a frequent tactic around the Heroic mode of Amber-Shaper Un’sok inside the Heart of Worry is to have a dedicated transformed player who maintains a Destabilize stack on Un’sok all through the entire second phase in the fight, when he is otherwise practically invulnerable and the raid’s attention is focused on the Amber Monstrosity.

That is only achievable due to a bug. Un’sok was intended to be immune to Amber Strike throughout phase two with the fight, and he was the truth is immune to it for the duration of that phase for a lot on the beta testing with the boss. In spite of this, fixing a separate bug late in improvement (guaranteeing that Amber Strike could usually interrupt the otherwise-uninterruptible Monstrosity) brought on Amber Strike to also bypass Un’sok’s shield in phase 2. Oops.

This would have already been a straightforward bug to fix, but we chose to not do so. This was a clever tactic, and even though it made phase three in the encounter fairly straightforward, it did so at the expense of adding length, challenge, and complexity to the 1st two phases from the fight. Kudos to the players who first came up with it.

As a basic matter, unintended tactics are only a problem when they either trivialize an encounter, or once they simultaneously will be the “right” (i.e., simpler) solution to do the fight and make it less enjoyable in the method.


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