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One of the WOW secrets Blizzard  November 14 2016

igsmx talk about WOW news here , wow games lover hope you together with us and discusstion  wow tips :

Although this may not be one of the secrets Blizzard was teasing a even though ago, it's definitely essential to know for any Druid, as Mitsiee has shared this these days and possibly broken the cuteness barrier in WoW.

Apparently it really is connected for the /sit command for cat pets implemented in WoD which would make them sit within your lap, but in the event you do that in travel kind the above takes place. Some players can not get it to function, however it is not restricted to the doe travel type glyph or Brightpaw pet (the /sit command could possibly have issues with particular races, it is advisable to check out the complete reddit thread when you cannot get it to operate).

In any case, in the event you possess a Druid, go give your cats a lift and freak out absolutely everyone in Dalaran.

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