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Latest WOW news online  October 31 2016

Icecap is no longer activated by auto-attacks.
Demon Hunter
Nemesis is no longer on the worldwide cooldown.

Casting an impacted spell now removes only one particular stack of Predatory Swiftness with the legendary Ailuro Pouncers.
(Balance) Celestial Downpour now increases Starfall's duration by 20% (was 100%).

Killer Cobra now triggers when Cobra Shot is cast (was when spell hit).
Survival Hunters' Mastery will properly be activated by pet auto-attacks.
Bursting Shot will no longer clear damage-over-time effects from targets in PvE.

The legendary Belo'vir's Final Stand will now activate when a character has learned Arcane Momentum.

The legendary OvydWinter Wrap no longer activates Gust of Mists when the overheal effect is applied.
The harm of your Cinidaria the Symbiote legendary will no longer be decreased even though the Monk has Storm, Earth, and Fire active.

Outlaw Rogues should really now be able to apply the Glyph of Blackout to Sap.

Players who have unlocked the Sul'thraze the Lasher look must get credit for the Achievement that grants the appearances in the two weapons utilized to make it.
Dungeons and Raids

Players at the weekly cap for Lingering Soul Fragments ought to no longer be mailed extras or obtain an error.
Halls of Valor
The damage decreased by standing within Hyrja's Eye with the Storm now adequately scales with increasing Mythic Keystone levels.

The Hallow's End Crooked Tree Curse is successfully removed from players once they leave the area.

Utilizing the Flight Master's Whistle really should no longer close your map or avoid you from chatting.
You're able to no longer possess the effects of numerous combat potions in the very same time.
Bacon need to no longer take away Omelette buffs. Not surprisingly.

Artifact Power for Arena and Skirmish victories right after your initial with the day reward have already been improved.
Fixed a bug exactly where quite a few items from Ashran, Tol Barad, and battlegrounds were not usable.

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