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We only supply wow accounts that are 100% approved, our quality control ensures that customers can receive what they have been desiring! Igs holds all vital account information as well as the history for each account that is listed. Our basic packages include account name, password, secret word and phrase.

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Level Race Class Server Gear Rating Highlights Price


The Maelstrom - GB - Alliance



Level 85 Night Elf Shadow Priest
Average Item level: 372
3/5 s10,4 Level 384 Epics , 10 Level 371 Epics and so on
Health: 128145, Mana: 95854
Talent: shadow/holy
Achievement Points:1590
Mounts: Bronze Drake Mount, Swift Purple Gryphon, Black War Bear and so on


Jaedenar - GB - Horde



Level 80 Male Blood Elf Warlock Health:24054, Mana:16821, Bonus Damage:2786, Hit Rating:100, Crit Chance:15.97%, Haste Rating:345, Mana Regen:86. 2/5 T10 + 1/5 T10.5 3100+ Bonus Dmg Selfbuffed. 5500 Gear Score PVP Gear, Wrathfull + Relentless + Furious Gear, 4460 Achievement PPoints, Dual spec activated, 450 Enchanting, 450 Mining, the Undiyng Title, ZULAIN TIGER - Rare! Plagued Proto - Drake - Rare! Argent Warhorse - Rare! Titles:Ambassador, Bloodsail Admiral, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Crusader, Jenkins, Twilight Vanquisher, Of Orgrimmar, Of Sen Jin, Of Silvermoon, Of Thunder Bluff, Of the Nightfall, The Undercity, Patient, The Undying.


Saurfang - GB - Alliance



Level 80 Night Elf Druid , With full epics, T7*3, Epic land mount and regular flyer

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