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100% manually leveled up with no bots

All power leveled by veteran players

Full responsibility taken with no risk

Personal privacy kept strictly confidential

Daily power leveling report through emails

Rules about Power Leveling

1. We don't suggest you arbitrarily change your password before we finish your leveling work.

2. You are not allowed logging into the game during the process of power leveling, because it may cause certain damage on your account.

3. After completing the work if we don't receive any claims from you within 24 hours, we will not make any compensation

4. When problems happen during the leveling period if there is no evidence proving our mistakes, we will not make any compensation.

5. If you really want to log in the game during the leveling period please contact our customer service first. We don't take any responsibility if any damage happens due to your arbitrarily log in.


Currency Orders Completed: 989,137
Total Gold Delivered: 1,120,132,937

Our Features

Instant Delivery

IGS works hard to improve delivery speed in order to help you play your way faster.

Full Stock

We keep abundant stock on all wow servers. Gold will be delivered quickly and safely to your account.

Money Refund

We guarantee every order is delivered as soon as possible and we assure your money back.

Lowest Price Guarantee

IGS never give up trying to offer lower price for our loyal customers.

Lowest Price

IGS never give up trying to offer lower price for our loyal customers with 24*7 no break service.

Account Safety

IGS guarantee all gold, accounts and items we sell are legal and will not do harm to your account to make sure 100% safety.


Dear friend,please don't give your goods to anyone after you receive it.Because fraudulent activities are taking place frequently and increasingly in game now.We never and won't ask you to give the goods back after trading! To protect your order security, please don't give your private information to anyone in game either!Be careful!