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Why do we need your phone number?

We may need to call you for further verification purposes before delivery of your items. If we have your current phone number we are able to verify & complete your order in the quickest possible time.

How do I sell game currency / items / accounts to IGSMX?

If you would like to sell us your ingame currency, items or accounts please contact our Live Help, e-mail us at or hook-up via MSN ( Once we have discussed a price you will be requested to deliver your currency to our characters ingame. Once we have received your currency, payment shall be made via Paypal.

How does the paymentwall works?How can I contact the paymentwall after paid?

If you want to know more about paymentwall please visit
If you pay through paymentwall please

check your payment here.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Paypal and Skrill are our preferred online payment methods for small to medium purchases.Having your Paypal or Skrill account verified and ensuring that your delivery and contact information is up to date speed up delivery of your order.

Are there discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts on a case by case basis. Please contact us via Live Help or via e-mail:

Why do you sometimes need to call me when I've made an order?

1) There might have been an error in your order; a missing character name, payment processing complications, etc.

2) You might have not been online when we tried to deliver your order, we may call to ask you to collect your order ingame.

3) For large orders, we must confirm your identity and legitimate possession of the credit card or Paypal account you are using to pay. This serves to decrease fraud and deter scammers, something which benefits all our customers and MMORPG players.

4) If we are unable to resolve an issue via e-mail, we may call you to resolve the issue.

What time are you likely to call me regarding an order?

We try to make all calls within 1 hour of receiving your order, however we usually respond shortly after you place your order.

How can I communicate with IGSMX after payment?

Please feel free to contact us via our Live Help, email or telephone (found in our Contact section). Please quote your order number to ensure your enquiry is dealt with swiftly.

Why do your prices change so frequently?

Prices fluctuate with market supply and demand

Will my account get banned if I buy from IGSMX?

At IGSMX we are constantly on top of our game, updating and adapting to new methods of service within World of Warcraft. You can rest assured that our gamers follow the rules in game, we do not use bots (like other companies) or cheat/exploit/hack - all gold & items are gained the hard way. This allows us to deliver the best WoW Services safely to our customers. (We have never had an account banned)

How to send money with Western Union ?

It is simple to send money in person through Western Union.
Just follow these steps:
Step1:Go to a local participating Western Union Agent Location.
Step2:Fill out the required form.Then, simply show the Agent clerk your identification card.
Step3:Give the Agent clerk the form, cash and sign the receipt.
Step4:Get the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from the receipt.
Step5:Go back to Live Help with the MTCN and your order details.After the verification the operators will arrange the delivery of your order.
Our information is as follows; First name:Rui,Last name:Xia,City: Hefei, State: Anhui, Country: China.

How much gold you have in stock?

There are enough stock for you,you can order first,when we are ready,we will contact you in the game.If you are offline,we will give you a call or email.No need to worry you miss your order.Please fill in the right information,when you place the order.

Why I haven’t received my order yet?

(1)Your order has some trouble,we need double check it by phone.or you can call me,415-504-3406.
(2)Your character is wrong,please tell me the right one.
Your faction and server is wrong,pleae tell me the right one.
(3)Your payment is pending,it needs 3-7 days to clear.When your payment is cleared,we will send the gold to you as soon as possible.
(4)Because we can not contact you in the game,you have not received the order

How do you derliver the gold?

We will trade with you face to face in the game.

How to send money with Skrill?

It is simple to send money in person through Skrill. Just put your information and paid follow the instruction if you have the Skrill accountalready.You can register a new Skrill account now if you don't have one.Register the newSkrill account now to pay,Skill will give you 20% CashBack. For more details please visit


Notice:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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Order Tracking

We never send annoying messages and spam mails to interrupt the fun you are enjoying in game. We are always trying to make you feel 100% satisfied with our services.


Dear friend,please don't give your goods to anyone after you receive it.Because fraudulent activities are taking place frequently and increasingly in game now.We never and won't ask you to give the goods back after trading! To protect your order security, please don't give your private information to anyone in game either!Be careful!